T H E  L I G H T H O U S E

T H E  L I G H T H O U S E

The Lighthouse is a temporary insertion to offer services and accommodation for those with no home and addiction issues. The scheme is designed to be modular, simple and built on site by the users allowing for the most effective use of materials and to amend to the changing needs of the users in previously unused spaces. 

Manchester has always has issues with homelessness but despite this the way in which it is tackled has not developed. Most supported accommodation is on the outskirts of the city in houses barely fit for housing a person with little to no help to tackle addiction and social issues that lead them into this situation in the first place. 

By combining accommodation and services in the same building it creates an environment where change can happen. It becomes a beacon for the cause in the centre of a thriving and caring city. These people can start to build their lives back together by the simple act of design bringing all the people together in one space.

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