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pg 1233 Sun Clouds 5.6 Rotat 150 Shutter 50 ISO 200 lights cloth
pg 1958 Night Shutter 15 Exposure 100 Focal Length 40 f. 7 ies 1500  Focus on back ies light intensi
test1 fixed

W O R K  @  D I F F U S E  3 D

I learnt a lot at my time at Diffuse 3D and even opened up a whole new career to me - visualisation. Over the 3 months I went from never having touched 3DS Max and VRay to becoming confident and able to work on my own and create work up to their high standard.

My time my has come to an end but I have never produced work I am so proud of and been so proud of myself when put in the real world post-uni! 

Feel free to have a look at what I have been working so hard on, all work is produced in 3DS Max and VRay with the help of Diffuse 3D for the texturing and invaluable mentoring.

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