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W O R K  @  D I F F U S E  3 D

During the months after University I had the pleasure of working for Diffuse 3D, an industry leading Architectural Visualisation studio. Over my time I learnt how to model and create photorealistic images depicting the designs of successful architects and designers. For a little peak at the work I created for and with Diffuse 3D's help click through! 

S T U D E N T  R E T A I L  D E S I G N  
C O M P E T I T I O N  2 0 1 7

This years Student Retail Design awards saw students from across the country work on projects set by Pret A Manger. I created a pop up juice bar to get them in contact with a younger market. My project was taken forward where I was selected as a finalist.

T H E  L I G H T H O U S E


The Lighthouse is a temporary insertion to offer services and accommodation for those with no home and addiction issues. The scheme is designed to be modular, simple and built on site by the users allowing for the most effective use of materials and to amend to the changing needs of the users in previously unused spaces. 

W O R K - B A S E D  L E A R N I N G  W I T H B R U N T W O O D .

Working in small groups, we collaborated and presented with Bruntwood to design new concepts to connect the people in their offices with each other and their customers. The work itself took inspiration from sculptural forms to blend informative way-finding with beautiful sculptures to form a new talking point in the building.


D E M E N T I A  C E N T R E

The Dementia Centre was a small project based on renovating an building given to us at random. I used principles of designing for the elderly to create a colourful, informative space to spread awareness of the disease and a place of research.

G E T  I N  T O U C H.

N I C O L E  J E N K I N S.



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