R E T A I L  D E S I G N  S T U D E N T  A W A R D S  2 0 1 7  


I was given the amazing opportunity to work with Pret A Manger to create a new concept for them based on the idea of a pop-up. After visiting many of their stores, I came to the conclusion of creating a design that appeals a a younger demographic. A Juice Cabin specalising in health and energy boosting drinks for the tired students and staff at university campus' across the county. The concept allowed Pret a Manger to expand their green credentials and offer the drinks in reusable bottles brought by customers themselves. In order to not loose their image, adhesive stickers with variations of their logo on are stuck to the bottles to correspond to the drink created. the stickers are used as a loyalty scheme meaning that not only are they saving on producing cups but they have an incentive for people to advertise their brand for them simple by having a bottle of freshly made invigorating juice.

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